Why We Exist

We use dry flush toilets daily, and they do an amazing job. If you want a toilet, go to www.dry-flush.com. However, we had issues getting cartidges in a timely fashion and found them very expensive. So... we made our own. It took some work... but now we have used hundreds of our own cartidges and are confident selling them to you.

Back when ink-jet printers came out, you had to buy really expensive HP or Canon cartridges, whoever made the printer, had to buy their ink. Then replacement cartridges from thrid parties came out and then there was choice and ease.

We hope to provide you the same, another choice in your replacement cartridges, a simple and easy shopping experience, and great customer service.

  • Jiffy ???

    Chatting with a friend who had stayed with us, we asked them what they thought of the dry toilet.

    "Well, I will never think of Jiffy Pop the same way again. Childhood memories destroyed and popcorn now associated with toilets...."

    We had a good laugh at the unmistakeable similarities in their appearances and lamented the loss of fond memories.

  • Why 2 Packs

    We ran the numbers through shipping calculators and the cost of shipping per unit is cheapest when we send 2 units.

    In future, if we have additional distribution points, it may change the economics.

  • More Than Two ?

    If you want more than two, order multiple packs.

    If you want a bunch, or a custom amount, send us an email. We will get you a price. lauren@jiffyflush.com